Darksiders 2 Complete Opinion

After a good 10 hours or so playing this game, I was genuinely considering making this game one of my favourites of all time, however I have a few minor issues with it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Darksiders game when I played it about 7 years ago. So when I finally picked up the sequel recently, I was very excited to get stuck in. After about 2 hours, I was hooked.The story and new RPG elements grabbed me, and I couldn't wait to see through the entire game. Now that i've completed it, I feel a bit disappointed, i'll explain.

Story So this game starts off simple, restore humanity and save War, the protagonist form the first game. Therefore I assumed that this game took place after the events of Darksiders 1. After playing it a bit more I realised that this game was maybe taking place at the same time of the first game? I'm not entirely sure but the main quest was intriguing enough for me to want to see this game through. There is a tonne of lore to be explored in this game. If you love the Darksiders world (like me) then this is great! However, if you are a casual player just wanting to experience a good hack and slash game, then you may be lost. SPOILERS: This game goes on for far too long. I thought things were starting to wrap up when I got to the tree of life. Oh how I was wrong. You enter the second world which is roughly the same size as the first world. Not a big issue, more dungeons and powers to unlock was great fun. Then there was another 3 worlds after this! Granted they aren't as long, but by this point I just wanted to see the game wrap up. The ending is very anti-climatic. I was expecting a reunion with War, but no. Death restores humanity then it ends with pretty much the same cutscene as the first game.

Gameplay Mix Legend of Zelda dungeons with Devil May Cry combat and Prince of Persia climbing, you get one engaging game. Firstly the combat feels great, mixing combos with power-ups makes you feel powerful, but not over powered. Also, unlocking new combos and using new weapons, makes the combat deep and non-repetitive. The dungeons, for a while felt unique, however towards the end of the game they start to get a bit samey. It was a lot of puzzle solving for the first half of the game, but the second half it was more, climb here, get the power up you need to solve the rest of the dungeon, then fight a boss. They were still good fun, but don't try to run through them all quickly. The free running and climbing is a nice touch, but again after a while it started getting too much. It's almost like they run out of ideas for dungeons so just put a lot of climbing sections to progress. Also often, you'll run upwards on a wall when you want to run sideways and vice versa, this isn't a massive issue but can get a bit annoying.


God I absolutely love this art style. Yeah the graphics and texture aren't amazing but lord does the unique art style make up for it. It's gothic but so colourful, with the character models looking like something out of an early dreamwork's film. I especially loved the first world, feeling very norse mythologically inspired. It was reminding me a lot of 2018's God of war for a good while. The Earth level wasn't anything special but apart from that, I loved all levels. My only other gripe with the visuals, was the open area's feel very empty and like something from a PS2 game.

Side Quests The side quests here are nice filler, but a bit bland.The extra boss fights are good fun, but by time I got round to them, I was over-powered and just destroyed them in less than a minute. I think they only added these in to make the game feel more like an RPG, but you can give them a miss. Overall Opinion Overall, I love Darksiders 2 just as much as I liked the first game. But both games have the same problem of going on too long. The combat, art style and story are all fantastic, apart from the disappointing ending. It can get a little repetitive but if you love the gameplay and RPG loop, you'll thoroughly enjoy this game until the end.

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