Devil May Cry 5 Complete Opinion

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Devil May Cry 5 is one of Capcom's finest games this generation, with stunning visuals and exhilarating combat, this game is not one to miss.

Having not played any previous games in the series apart from Ninja Theory's DMC (I know you may be screaming blasphemy at me), I was worried I would be very lost in Devil May Cry 5. But my worries were soon dismissed by the amazing gameplay, and story that does follow on from the series, but can very much stand on its own.

Story Having know only a bit about the Devil May Cry world and characters, I was apprehensive to get stuck into this game overall. But the story starts out with our heroes being defeated. Then their quest truly begins, having to get back on their feet and overcome the big bad boss. I must admit I was a tad lost to who each of the characters were (apart from Dante), but I soon came to love and care for the main characters with their stand out personalities. Also this story takes some twists and turns that I just was not expecting, that I will talk about in spoilers. SPOILERS: Having jumped in on the 5th game in the series, I had no clue who Nero was. But throughout the story I liked the character and his distant bond he creates with V. To find out the V was actually part of Virgil, then to find out Vergil is Nero's father, blew my mind! I thought that the big bad guy might of been Virgil in disguise but had no clue who V was, even though after the twist arrives, it seemed pretty obvious all along. The ending sees Nero power up into his own devil form to stop Virgil which was a great end to his story arc. Then Virgil and Dante descend into the underworld to destroy the big tree basically, but it was nice to see them finally put their differences aside, and come together to save the world. This was a great ending to a story that I was trying to piece together all the time.

Gameplay Having not played previous games, only similar games like DMC and Bayonetta. I was expecting this game to be button mashy fun. It is, but a lot deeper. You play as three different characters in this game with three different play styles. Nero was my favourite, followed by V and lastly Dante. I know BLASPHEMY again! But this is only due to one reason, the auto assist mode. For a while I was struggling with this combat because I had auto assist off, so just turn it on right? So I did and started playing a lot better, feeling like my inputs still did count, until it came to Dante. Dante has four different stances that perform different moves depending on the stance. But with auto assist on, it just kept switching to the same stance, and switching to the same weapon over and over, therefore I feel like I missed a lot of Dantes awesome moves due to this. Lastly, I was getting tired of fighting the same boss over and over again, until Dante unlocks his ultimate form and absolutely destroys said boss, what a great feeling that was.


Technically speaking, the graphics and lighting are great in Devil May Cry 5. It utilises Capcom's new RE engine fantastically. The game starts off in great set pieces in the streets of London, which as a brit was joyful to see. But about halfway through the game (when London is pretty much destroyed) you end up going through disgusting looking corridors, and everything just ends up looking the same. Granted the game's ending looks great, on top of the big tree (sorry forgot the actual name), which was nice to see bright skies and colourful environments. But that chunk in the middle where all the environments look the same, was just very boring for me.

Online Component This game has a strange online addition to the game. Basically if you're running through a level as Nero, you may see V battling some demons on another street or building. That character is actually being controlled by another player online. This is a great idea, but happened to few and far between for me to even notice. Nice addition but not essential to your play experience. Overall Opinion Devil May Cry 5 is a great game, and a good contender for many people's game of the year. The Visuals are great, the story is fantastic and probably my favourite thing of this game, and the gameplay makes you feel like a boss (when the auto assist is on).

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