Fable 2 Complete Opinion

Fable 2 is a good game that hasn't aged well. I liked it, didn't love it.

Alright there little sparrow? Did you play this game back in the day? Well its probably not aged as well as your think it has. I was intrigued to play this game after seeing it on multiple "top Xbox 360 games" lists on the internet. Having only played a bit on Fable 3 previously, I had a rough idea of what to expect. However I finished the game feeling a bit disappointed.

Story From the beginning, I was all in on the story. I loved the setting of a cockney based town set somewhere in the 1700-1800 age, with fictional magic elements. You start as a child, with your sister caring for you. You get summoned to the castle to meet Lord Lucien, surprise surprise he's a bad guy and kills your sister. 10 years past then you start on a revenge quest, and to become the hero of the land. Now I really liked the story of Fable 2, until about 6/7 hours in. You need to find the 3 heroes of different abilities, power, magic and ranged combat basically. After finding the first one, you are sent on a long quest to find the second one. To do this you need to free him from a prison, which is where the game skips forward another 5 years. You finally have hero 1 and 2 but I felt that finding hero 3 was very rushed. Before the time jump the game had been very open allowing you to go to various locations performing side quests but the back end of the game felt very linear and rushed. SPOILERS: The ending of this game is notoriously bad. You finally confront Lord Lucien, with the other 3 heroes. Then boom bang, he's dead. Thats it. Then you get a choice of 3 options, and the game is over. I feel like this story started out strong, but just rushed its ending which ruined it for me.

Gameplay Okay hear me out. The gameplay is okay for a few hours, then its repetitive and boring. You have three abilities, melee, ranged and magic. The melee doesn't feel weighty enough. The ranged feels better but its boring, no matter what type of weapon you use, they all feel the same. The magic is the best bit and what I used the most, but the way you switch between magic abilities, is slow and puts the game on hold. The enemies are actually interesting and makes you switch up different styles of combat. The main appeal of this game is the RPG elements. You can upgrade all your abilities, do side quests to unlock weapons, buy houses and even businesses. I think this is why so many people like Fable 2 because you could make your own story. Settling down with a family and owning a business, or joining dark guilds and bringing them sacrifices, the world is yours. Unfortunately I was uninterested in this as it would take up too much time.


This is a Xbox 360 game, and you can tell. The graphics aren't amazing, and there is occasional frame rate drops. I believe this game runs at 30fps, but when running through the wild it seemed slower. What redeems this though, is the art style! This game looks like a Pixar movie, and I love it. From time to time I would enter the main town, pan the camera round looking at the crooked buildings, looking at how awesome my character looked surrounded by the light of the sunset. Overall Opinion I can see why Fable 2 was a great game in its heyday, inventing unique systems and RPG mechanics. But apart from that, the story and combat just doesn't hold up by today's standards. If you're interested in the game, give it a play, but I wouldn't suggest sinking too many hours into it.

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