Front Mission Evolved First Impressions

A pretty average mech game that I had a lot of fun with.

I picked up this game in a local shop for the grand total of £1. Therefore I wasn’t expecting this game to be any good. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I know nothing about the Front Mission games, but I believe this is meant to be a reboot, so I understood what was going on in the story and I quite liked it. The gameplay is nothing special, but I started to get quite invested in the story and the overall world.

About the game

Front Mission Evolved is a third-person shooter/mech action game. It acts as a reboot in the front mission universe. It is the first in its series to swap tactical role-playing for 3D action. It takes place in a not so far future where factions and countries are on the verge of war. The games are very popular in Japan, and have over 10 games in the series. Front Mission Evolved was 2010 and currently has a Metacritic rating of 63 on PC.

The Good Bits

- The world and story really grabbed me

- Even though gameplay is generic, it is still quite good

- The mech controls well, animations are fluid

- Shooting feels fairly solid with most weapons

- The boss fights are great and challenging

- The customization really shines here, I can see a lot of people getting very invested in customising their mech - The on foot third-person sections were a nice change and the mechanics were still solid in them

The Not So Good Bits

- Gameplay is very repetitive - All enemies are pretty generic - Super cheesy story - Voice acting is quite bland - In the bigger environments, it is easy to see where textures have been repeated

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