My Friend Pedro Complete Opinion

Unique level mechanics and a talking banana, what more could you want?

This game is such a blast to play! One moment you’ll just be walking along shooting one enemy at a time, then all of a sudden you’ll be travelling down a zip wire, jumping through a window onto a skateboard all whilst figuring out how to take down 20 enemies efficiently. Every single level changes things up. For the first 15 or so, it introduces a new mechanic every time, then by the end you'll have to link all the previous mechanics together to get through the level. This is a short unique game that you don’t want to miss.

Story For a game that focuses mainly on its gameplay and mechanics, I weirdly really got into the story in My Friend Pedro. The setting really reminded me of the TV show Happy! (based on the graphic novel). The dark dirty and violent world, having a talking mascot in your head, and jumping around shooting guns, all felt very similar to Happy!. Not that it’s a bad thing, if anything it made me get more interested in the story. I wanted to find out who the character was, why this family was hunting him down, and the twist at the end was actually quite good! I wont go into spoilers because I feel like I don’t need to, it’ll only take about 6 hours to play this game so just play it and you’ll see what I mean. The character of Pedro was great fun, I often found myself cracking up at his Meta jokes and never found him annoying. Pedro really adds to the charm of this game, it just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Gameplay Gameplay is where My Friend Pedro really shines. As previously stated, this game is an absolute blast to play. It may take you few levels to actually get a hang on the controls, but once you do, you feel like a total badass. The character does feel a little floaty at first, but I think it’s necessary for linking wall jumps and dives together. The main selling point of My Friend Pedro is how many mechanics it adds to each level. Each one is so fun to discover and will either help you take out enemies or introduce new puzzles for you to overcome. But best of all, this game basically mixes Deadpool with John Wick and then turns it up to 11. For example, one level I dived off a high point, used two pistols to shoot enemies both side of the character, landed on the ground and switched to a shotgun, shot one enemy on the left, a bit of his body fell off so I kicked it into the face of a enemy on my right, and then shot an explosive to finish off an enemy on the far right. That is how bonkers this game is! I found as the levels went on they were getting more challenging, therefore I had to use the “focus” power up more which just slows down time, it did feel a little like cheating but still made me feel like a total badass.

Visuals There’s nothing much to say about the visuals in My Friend Pedro. Like I said in the story section, I loved the dark and dirty setting, but it does start to all feel a bit samey after a while. There is one section where you visit Pedro’s home world, which totally feels like a drug trip, but still nothing that really stood out. The blood and gore that comes out of the enemies really helps your guns feel effective which is a nice addition. Overall there’s nothing good or bad to say about the visuals, it’s just very average.

Replay-ability If you love to speed run games or going for the high score, this would be perfect for you. You get a score after each level and then it gets compared to the online leader board. You can also collect game modifiers in the levels to help you get a better score. I can see why people will like to replay this game, I did go back and do a few levels to see if I could link all the kills into one combo or not die the entire way through, but replaying games isn’t really my thing. However if you do like to replay games, this would be perfect for you.

Overall Opinion Playing this game in 2020 was a great way to start off my year of gaming. Big action set pieces, puzzling level traps to get around, and getting the highest combo of linking kills all make this game marvellous. I do think the controls are a little hard to get used to, and the levels start to look a bit samey, but apart from that I loved every aspect of this game. If you have 6 hours to kill and about £15 to spare (or game pass), give this game a go.

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