Prototype 2 First-Impressions

Prototype 2 improves on the original, but doesn't completely change the game.

I completed the original Prototype about 5 years ago. I still can't remember what happened. The main protagonist was unrelatable and I didn't feel any sympathy for him, plus the storyline was a bit generic. However I feel like that main issue was improved in this game. The story grabbed me in, and the gameplay still feels great from the first one. I enjoyed jumping around the streets and seeing how this world has changed from Prototype 1. Seeing riots breaking out and army checkpoints on the streets, made the world feel unique and adds more to the backstory. Overall this game is a great sequel, but it hasn't changed a lot from the first game. If you like super hero games, I would advise playing this one over the original. About the game Prototype 2 is the follow up to 2009's Prototype. Released in 2012, it is currently the last video game made by Radical Entertainment. The gameplay is similar to the first one, but you play as a new character, with lots of interaction with Alex Mercer (the previous protagonist). It's current metacritic rating is 79 on PS3. The Good Bits - The new protagonist is likeable and relatable - The graphics and world design is a lot better and more unique than the original - The gameplay feels great - The world feels a bit more fleshed out than the original - The story is intriguing - The RPG elements have been worked on more since the first game The Not So Good Bits - I can see the game getting very repetitive - I feel like the game tries to be too much like infamous, causing it to loose it's individuality - Even though the graphics are a big improvement, they still aren't amazing

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