Red Faction: Armageddon First-Impressions

Red Faction: Armageddon is a fun third person shooter that still feels great to play today.

I never played any of the Red Faction games until this one, but boy was I missing out! The sci-fi setting is a bit bland, the story is a mess but the gameplay is fantastic! Give these games a play! About the game Red Faction: Armageddon is a 2011 third person shoot developed by Volition. Fun fact, the Red Faction games actually take place in the same universe as Volition's other main games, the Saints Row series. The game features engaging combat and destructive environments, which is the game's key selling point. It has linear levels but never feels too repetitive, with mechs to jump in and loads of weapons to try. It's current Metacritic rating is 75 on PC. The Good Bits - The graphics aren't the best but the lighting is very good - The sound design is great and makes you feel every bullet shot - The environments feel solid, so destroying them actually feels great, usually destructive environments just feel floaty and made of paper - The shooting and gravity physics are brilliant - You get to use mechs! - There are upgrades to keep you interested and working towards something - You need to repair as well as destroy environments to progress, makes a nice change of pace The Not So Good Bits - I lost so much interest in the story - The enemies are generic bugs, yes they have different breeds but I just found them uninteresting - The level design is very samey, underground tunnels full of bugs and a few buildings - The colour palette is typical greys and browns

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