Remember Me First-Impressions

Remember has such an interesting concept of story, but its combat lets it down.

I followed this game's development and was excited for its launch. However it was received quite poorly, and I can understand why. I love its concept, love its visuals, but I just can't get pass the gameplay. If you love a deep story in cyberpunk worlds, and not fussed about odd combat, this game is for you. About the game Remember Me is a linear levelled, story focused brawler. It was released in 2013, developed by Dontnod Entertainment, the guys behind the excellent Life is strange and more recent Vampyr. You play as Nillin, a memory hunter working for an underground resistance called the Errorists. When the game starts, Nillin has lost all her memory and starts you on a quest to get it back. I find the story so interesting and I love the cyberpunk setting! Neo-Paris looks stunning and the graphics look like something that could be on Xbox One. However I just could not get a hand on the combat. It's a combo based brawler system, but it's so slow that I just got bored. I can see some people loving it, and getting deeply involved into the upgrading system. But it just wasn't for me. You can see similarities between this and Life is Strange, and can tell that the developers really learned from this game. It's current Metacritic rating is 70 on Xbox 360. The Good Bits - The graphics and visuals are absolutely amazing! - I love the cyberpunk Neo-Paris setting - The story is so intriguing, it has been done before yes, but the characters seem to keep this one different. - The facial animations really show emotion and makes the game feel cinematic The Not So Good Bits - I found the combat slow and not fun - The Prince of Persia like platforming sections feel like they don't fit in this game - The start of this game is a bit slow

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