Resident Evil 2 Remake Complete Opinion

Puzzle elements at it’s finest! Mix that with some super creepy settings as well as superb graphics and an intriguing story, you get one amazing video game.

I’ve not really played any of the resident evil games. I dabbled with 5 when I got my Xbox 360 back in the day, and I played through Resi 7 with my other half (couldn’t play it on my own, too scary!). We really enjoyed playing through Resi 7 together so decided to treat ourselves to the recently released Resi 2 remake for valentines day this year, and oh boy what a treat it was! I believe the remake is quite faithful to the original game, if so I can clearly see why this is the favourite of series for fans.

Story Okay so I’ve only played through the Claire part of the story, so I don’t know how similar the Leon part is, but I am currently playing through it at the moment. So the story sees your chosen character arrive at racoon city and quickly search for shelter at the police station. Your starting goal is to find a way to escape, if playing as Claire; the overall story arc is to look for your missing brother. However everything goes tits up and Claire stumbles across a young girl who needs help. From here on Claire is mostly concerned with the young girl’s well being. The story takes some twists and turns that I was not expecting, and I could feel how Claire would be frustrated with certain naughty characters in the story (I don’t want to give much away). Altogether, the story is very gripping and will make you want to see it through until the end, even if you are finding the game super scary. SPOILERS: There are some very unlikeable characters in this game. As previously stated could feel Claire’s frustration, especially with the mum of the little girl you care for. She basically leaves her daughter to die! Then it turns out the monster that keeps attacking you is the little girl’s Father! Poor girl has had a rough time through this game. The ending is slightly happy though, you manage to escape and re-unite with Leon. I did love the story in this game and look forward to the other playthroughs.

Gameplay Resi 2 may look like a basic third person horror game to the average consumer, but it is so much more than that. You may know how I love my puzzle elements, so needless to say I was in heaven with the puzzles in this game. Every single room in this game was a little puzzle. There was so many things to solve, I probably only done about half of them because I got super scared when Mr X turned up and rushed to get through the police station. It is just so genius how you'll find something that seems useless, then you investigate it and it has a hidden key which will unlock a certain room that has another tool to help you progress, it all links together and you'll feel like a genius when you solve something you were stuck on for ages. Not only are the puzzles great, but also the encounters with all enemies are terrifying! The devs must have worked really hard to make sure you are on edge at all times. The gunplay also feels wonderful; you really feel the recoil and the sway caused from Claire’s nervousness. I could talk about the brilliance of this game all day long, but please go experience it for yourself!

Visuals This is probably one of the best looking video games that I’ve ever played. Everything is so shiny! Not only that but the zombies look juicy and gross. The fire looks realistic and the wet streets of racoon city look better than real life! I love how the marble floors of the police station have a shiny/reflective effect to them. The blood that spurts out of enemies when you shoot them is a fantastic edition, helping you feel immersed in this horrible setting. If you think the visuals sound pretty impressive, it is topped off with some perfect lighting. I really hated it being dark and having to use the flashlight because I knew there would be enemies waiting for me. Add some lightning flashing through the window and you seriously feel like you are the main subject in a horror movie. I really cant think of anything to complain about when it comes to visuals, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that I would be playing a next-gen title.

Multiple playthroughs It’ll only take about 7 hours to complete a playthrough of Resi 2. However, you technically need to play it 2 times with each character to see everything. This might seem a little annoying, but each time the enemies are placed in different locations and the puzzle items may be moved around. You will also see different parts of the story, depending on the playthrough. There are also 3 lots of DLC challenges that are completely free. Therefore if you think the game is short but loved it (like me), don’t worry there is plenty more to see.

Overall Opinion God I loved this game, even if it did make me feel physically sick with fear. It aces everything it sets out to achieve, and I can easily see why a lot of people wanted to vote this game as the best of 2019. I am so excited to see through the rest of the playthroughs, as well as picking up the Resi 3 remake and playing through that too. Capcom are on a roll at the moment and I hope they can keep it up.

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