Section 8 First-Impressions

Section 8 could of thrived on the Xbox 360, but it's pretty empty today.

Love Halo's multiplayer? Me too! Would you like to play a full video game that attempts to copy Halo's multiplayer into a campaign mode? Nah me neither. I'm not sure what sort of game this is trying to be. The aesthetic feels very halo inspired but with bigger exo-suits. Obviously no one is playing this in 2019, so i'm not sure if the campaign was meant to contain online players, but its set up to feel like it. I'm guessing the multiplayer was better, but this game is very empty, no need to play it today. About the game Section 8 was developed by TimeGate Studios in 2009. The game is a bit of a mix of Halo and Crysis. With your suit giving you various abilities and the weapons being all quite different. The multiplayer featured 32 player matches. There was a sequel released in 2011, but it was digital download only. It's current metacritic rating is 69 on Xbox 360. The Good Bits - I'm guessing the multiplayer was good at the time - The setting and aesthetic are okay - Good weapon variation The Not So Good Bits - The guns feel too light and empty to use - The story is just a throwaway excuse for you to play a few missions - The visuals are basic - The game feels like it doesn't know what it wants to be, trying to mix multiplayer with a single-player campaign - The game is just boring to be honest

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