Sonic Generations First-Impressions

Sonic Generations is a great game for sonic fans, packed full of content, but gets quite difficult.

I have always liked the sonic games, but never loved them. Unfortunately that is the same case here. The first 3 levels of this games were perfect to me. Green hill zone and chemical plant are some of my favourite levels in the entire game. Therefore, when I started this game, I couldn't wait to see all the levels. I unlocked the last 3 areas in this game and now, i've stopped playing. To be honest I think this is a great game, the only thing I can't get on with in the last areas, is the amount of drops. I kept finding myself often falling to my death, and half the time it wasn't even my fault! Apart from that, this is one of my favourite sonic games i've ever played. About the game Sonic Generations is a 2011 platformer developed by Sonic team. It is the first game to feature both modern and retro sonic. Retro sonic levels are 2d only, modern sonic levels are mainly 3d with 2d sections. A new game featuring the two Sonic's was released in 2017 called Sonic Forces, but lets not talk about that game. It's current metacritic rating is 77 on the Xbox 360. The Good Bits - This game is a fantastic throwback to all sonic games - The soundtrack of both modern sonic and retro sonic, is amazing - The level design is very inventive, playing chemical plant zone as modern sonic was great fun! - The game is packed full of extra content, challenges and extra boss fights keeps you coming back to the game - The unlockables are pretty fun - The game is so colourful and pleasing to the eye The Not So Good Bits - The difficulty spike is pretty high - With modern sonic, sometimes the lock on doesn't work, causing you to die when it wasn't your fault - The story is total garbage

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