Spyro Reignited Trilogy First-Impressions

A fantastic remake, and love letter to the originals. This is the best way to play Spyro.

I never played the original spyro games until about 2 years ago. Even now they hold up but I struggled with the camera. This remake fixes any possible problems you might of had with the originals. The games are insanely beautiful, play very smooth with tight controls, and all round an amazing experience to play. I pre-ordered this game after thoroughly enjoying the Crash Bandicoot remake. So far, i've played through the first two games, but feel a bit uninterested in the third. I'm not sure if i'm a bit burnt out or just don't find the story compelling enough, but i'm sure it's just as great as the first two. About the game Syro Reignited Trilogy is a ground up remake of the first 3 Spyro the Dragon games from the Playstation 1. The remakes feature new music, new voice acting, new character models, but maintains the charm and fun of the original games. As far as I know, the levels and mechanics are still the same as the original games. Fun fact, with the success of the Spyro and Crash remakes, Spyro is now a playable character in the remake of Crash Team Racing. It's current metacritic rating is 83 on Xbox One. The Good Bits - This game is probably the most stunningly colourful game i've ever played - The soundtrack is great, but the option to switch to the original is even better! - The gameplay is tight and very engaging, running into an enemy, dodging and using fire breath all feel great - The character models being reworked is essential for a modern game, in the original first game, all the dragon models were the same with just different colours - The levels are all unique - Each game features new mechanics and small side missions/mini-games The Not So Good Bits - Trying to play all three if them in one go, would get very repetitive and you may get burnt out - I couldn't get interested in the third games story - There was no option for subtitles when original release, but has now been patched

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