Star Fox Zero First-Impressions

Star Fox Zero is great! Only if you are playing the linear levels.

I've never really enjoyed on rail shooters. However after playing a few stages on the N64 game, and a few hours on the underrated Gamecube game Star Fox: Assault. I was definitely up for playing a nice looking Star Fox game, made by the geniuses at Platinum games. I had heard bad things about the controls, but thought surely they've been patched by now right? Wrong! The game is great fun during the on rails sections, but as soon as I got to an open area, I struggled so much that I had to turn the game off. I saw so much potential in this game but couldn't get past the controls to finish it. About the game Star Fox Zero was released for the doomed WiiU, late in its lifetime, 2016. Like the previous games, you play as Fox McCloud with his squad the frog, the bird and the rabbit (I know they have names!). The game features multiple vehicles to switch between, which changes up the gameplay and feel great to use. However the developers tried to utilise the WiiU gamepad, using the small screen as a first person perspective, and your tv as the third person perspective. But this idea just didnt mesh well. Fun fact, this game actually started development in 2008 for the Wii. Maybe if it came out on the Wii with their motion controls, it might of been better recieved. It's current Metacritic rating is 69. The Good Bits - It's a good throw back to the gameplay of the N64 game - It looks great, possibly the best looking game on the WiiU - The shooting feels great - The on rails levels are so fun and great to play The Not So Good Bits - I had no interest in the story - The motion controls are so hard to get use to, especially in the open area sections - The idea of the first person perspective on the gamepad screen, was unique but unfortunately just didn't work

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