Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Complete Opinion

Jedi: Fallen Order is a great challenging game for gamers, and a fun story for fans of the franchise. Even if the parry system is a bit broken.

As a massive star wars fan, I was itching to get my hands on this game. Unfortunately I had to wait until Christmas day to play it, but even after the long wait, I was not disappointed. I absolutely love this game, but there are 2 major things that frustrate me.

Story I am just so happy to have another canon story in the Star Wars mythos. I had a blast the entire way through this game. I loved most of the characters, apart from the main protagonist (Cal), I didn’t hate him by any means but didn’t love him. The references to the clone wars and seeing how the universe has adapted to the fall of the Galactic Republic, genuinely hooked me. I hate audio logs and lore building in games but I could just not get enough in this game. All of the performances in this game are great; I especially loved Greez, who I thought would get annoying. The Second sister (the main antagonist of this game), truly felt threatening and evil, but relatable too. My only down side to this story, is that it maybe it goes on too long, but I would say this game and story is a must see for any Star Wars fan. SPOILERS: Holy $#*¡ Darth Vader is a total badass in this game. I unfortunately had his appearance spoilt for me, due to a TV advert! But my god is he scary when he turns up. The second I heard his iconic breathing I felt sick. Instantly worrying about the characters I had come to care for in this story. I am glad that you don’t stand a chance fighting him, as Vader would have easily destroyed Cal. I was pretty happy with the ending, thankfully every hero survives Vader’s wrath, and then they fly off into space, which leaves it open for a sequel. Personally I can’t wait to see the next chapter in Cal’s story.

Gameplay Overall I was pretty satisfied with Jedi: Fallen Order’s gameplay. I love the Metroid-like levels, the climbing and wall running are fine, and unlocking shortcuts feels great. All the level based stuff I just mentioned, is absolutely fine but it feels ripped straight out of the modern Tomb Raider games. The combat and force powers feels great on this game! Cutting enemies in half, force pushing them off cliffs and into lava, even pulling them towards you and one-hit killing them all feels spectacular! By the end of this game you seriously feel like a Jedi Knight, not just a Padawan. But, there is one thing I cannot stand in this game. For me, the parrying feels slightly broken. In some cases it works perfectly, parrying then counter hitting the basic enemies seems to be fine. But the timing feels off, sometimes it works just as the enemy hits, then sometimes you’ll time it perfectly and you’ll still get hit. Now I know this game borrows elements from the likes of Darks Souls and Sekiro, but in those games when you fail a parry it feels like it’s your fault, in this game it sometimes feels like you’ve been cheated. Also until you unlock the double jump, Cal controls like Swiss cheese. I think the movement may be animation based rather than input based, which is why he may feel a bit wonky at times.


I’m not sure how I feel about the visuals in this game. The actual art, level design and character designs all feel authentic to the Star Wars universe. The few different worlds you visit could be right out of the existing movies. But when you look up close, the performance is a bit crap. I had so much pop in, that it was actually starting to get annoying. When running through the levels to get to a specific spot, sometimes the world just wouldn’t load, causing me to fall through the world. Also I loved customising my light saber, but I could never see how the new components looked on the workbench! Again this was due to pop in and just crap lighting at most of the workbenches in the game. In summary, the setting, art style and design are great. The performance, lighting and overall graphics are not so good.

Collectibles This is my second major frustration with this game. The sheer amount of collectibles is insane! I never really care about collectibles in games, but because I love customising my light saber, I got every single chest and secret in this game. The map gets a lot of hate in this game, but I must admit it did help me figure out where I needed to go to find the missing parts I was looking for. Finding the secrets felt very rewarding, but finding a chest for it to be just another BD-1 skin was so frustrating to me. I didn’t really care for any of the character customisation, so when I have to run all the way to the end of Kashyyyk to find the last chest I hadn’t found, for it to just be another skin, was quite disappointing. I believe the developers even admitted to adding the collectibles to make it more Metroid-like and re-playable. Overall Opinion Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved Jedi: Fallen Order. It is great to have another story to explore in the Star Wars mythos. The combat is great; the settings of the planets you visit are unique and feel right at home in a Star Wars game. The story is gripping and will have you on edge. The characters are lovable and even the light saber customisation is good fun. The only thing that lets it down for me is; the parry system, the amount of chests to find and the performance on my console which broke the game a few times. If you even remotely like star wars, do yourself a favor, play this game! But probably best to leave it on easy mode and don’t worry about finding every collectible.

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