SteamWorld Dig 2 Complete Opinion

With the over saturation of metroidvania's, SteamWorld Dig 2 manages to stand out even more than it's predecessor.

I've become a big fan of metroidvania's in the past couple of years, loving such games as Axiom Verge, Metroid: Zero Mission and Shadow Complex. I was put off playing the first Steamworld Dig game after hearing it was partly procedural generated, but the sequel wasn't. So Decided to give it a go for an hour or two and ended up laying the entire game in two sessions. This is a fantastic metroidvania and stands out to me as one of my favourites.

Story The story isn't amazing in this game, but still compelling enough to make you want to see it though to the end. It starts off with the hero of the first game having gone missing, and the world has taken a turn for the worst. Like I said before, I haven't played the first game, therefore I was a little lost to start off with. But after about an hour, I was use to the world and characters. The story sees you go through different environments, and meet new people with your new Navi like sidekick guiding you through (Fen). The only bad thing I would say about this story is that it goes on for about 2/3 hours too long in my opinion. SPOILERS: About halfway through the game, you meet a lot of humans underground. From the get go, I was suspicious. Meeting new characters halfway through the game, then being sent on a quest for people you barely know, seemed fishy to me. And it was! Their main leader turned out to be behind it all, keeping Rusty (from the first game) captured. However, even though I saw this twist coming, I still enjoyed this story arc. Then everything wraps up nicely apart from loosing your sidekick Fen, which was very emotional, and our main protagonist hoping to be reunited with him again one day.

Gameplay The gameplay in this game is fantastic! The jumping feels tight, your main weapon the pickaxe feels weighty and effective. The loop of seeing how far you can dig without your light running out, feels tense and makes you scared of running into enemies on low health. Like most metroidvania's, you acquire new upgrades, such as the jetpack and water grenade. These changed up the game, helping you reach further and take out enemies easier. After playing through this game and seeing how fun the gameplay loop was, I am very tempted to pick up the first game.


It is so nice to see a new metroidvania that isn't pixel art! As you can see from the screenshot I added to this article, the colours just jump off the screen at you! Steampunk aesthetic is usually made up of brown and bronze colours, but the developers really went all out on their art with this game. All the characters look and seem unique. The areas you explore in this game are diverse, even though they are all underground! I especially loved the computer type level about halfway through, where everything looks based on coding and computer viruses. It made my heart race when the enemies spotted me and I had no choice but to run!! The art and design in this game is just phenomenal. Overall Opinion This game is just outstanding. I have very few bad things to say about it, apart from that maybe it went on a little too long. However I believe it still only took me 11 hours in total. As a big fan of metroidvanias, this is certainly one of my favourites. If you like the steampunk aesthetic, or metroidvania's, or even puzzle platforming, this game is a must play!

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