TimeShift First-Impressions

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

TimeShift could be seen as just another FPS for the Xbox 360 generation of consoles, but don't be so quick to dismiss it.

I remember seeing TimeShift on the shelves of my local GameStation (R.I.P) when I was about 13. And this is typical 13 year old edgy game. But it has some interesting redeeming qualities. About the game TimeShift is a 2007 first person shooter developed by Saber Interactive. Fun fact. the developers made their own engine to make this game called the Saber3DEngine. The game consists of some action sequences, some stealth sections and even some puzzles. The player unlocks and uses various time based powers which makes the game a bit different to the typical FPS of this era. Its current Metacritic rating is 70. The Good Bits - For a Xbox 360 game, this game looks great! The lighting and water physics in particular, are much better looking than some of the games at this time. - The shooting is solid - The time abilities are great fun to use - The story starts off interesting but I'm not sure how well it will hold up towards the end of the game The Not So Good Bits - The environments are typical 2007 grey ruined city - The enemies feel a bit lifeless and unoriginal - I can see the gunfighting getting very repetitive - After playing it for a few hours, I had no idea who the main protagonist was or his motivation - The POV is too zoomed in and unchangeable

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