WET First-Impressions

Mix Max Payne with Prince of Persia and you get a video game that makes you feel bad ass.

I remember seeing this game sponsor programmes on MTV when I was about 12, and you can see why it was targeting the MTV audience. This game makes you feel super bad ass. Every time you jump, it goes into slow motion. Mix this with running off the walls, sliding under enemies and an amazing soundtrack, you get one exhilarating action game. About the game WET is a 2009 third person shooter/action game. It was developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Bethesda. You play as a Rubi voiced by Eliza Dushku, as a bounty hunter type heroine. I didn't really pay attention to the story because I just wanted to get stuck into the action. Fun fact, there were rumours of a sequel but Bethesda announced there wouldn't be another game in the series in 2011. It's current metacritic rating is 70 on PS3. The Good Bits - This game's action is fantastic and easily the best thing about the game - The soundtrack is amazing, being very rock and heavy - The elements of the level are set up to link together, this gives you a rush when you pull off a wicked combo - I loved the noir style - The levels show your stats after finishing them, making for good replayability - Using different weapons and your sword is a good mix The Not So Good Bits - The story is more of an excuse for you to progress through levels - Saving by drinking whiskey is a bit cliché, shouldn't really promote alcoholism - The level design is good but a lot of the textures are the same - The actual shooting of the pistols feels a bit empty

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