WHAT THE GOLF? Complete Opinion

WHAT THE GOLF? is one of the most unique, fun and interesting puzzle games I’ve ever played.

I actually quite enjoy golf games, so when I heard of a golf puzzle game, I was all in. After literally 2 minutes into the game, I had the biggest smile on my face and couldn’t wait to play more. I played the entire thing I one sitting and instantly started it again (which I never do with any game).

Story This game doesn’t really have a story, which I’m aware of anyway. However this game doesn’t really need one. The game has a few different sections that are split into 4 different areas, each having their own distinct setting. Most setting’s have their own unique gameplay, and even reference other games. I loved the references to Mario, portal, superhot and even angry birds! The only bit I didn’t love so much, was the boss fights. They just seemed a lot weaker and less unique compared to the standard levels.

Gameplay The gameplay is so simple in WHAT THE GOLF? But that’s just part of it’s charm. If playing on iPhone (like myself) you just swipe down in the direction you want the golf ball to go. Simple right? Yes but this game gets so creative in using that simple mechanic. Even in the tutorial, you see your character lining up a shot, you aim and let go, just to realise it is actually your character acting as the golf ball in this level. I cannot express just how fun and smart this game gets with its levels. Typically you play this game in portrait mode, but it occasionally switches to landscape, making you take on challenges differently. Also different objects, have their own way of reacting to being “hit by a golf club”. Footballs will continue to roll rather than stop quickly, cars will not stop driving after aiming so you will have to change its direction whilst it’s moving, and even a little bird will just jump with each move instead of being hit into the air like a normal golf ball. The change up in levels will also completely change the game. My favourite was the “super-putt” levels, which borrowed mechanics from super hot. For those who haven’t play super hot, bullets only move towards you when you move, now replace that with a golf ball, its just so much fun. I honestly wish everyone would play this game; the developers did a great job and deserve a lot of praise.

Visuals Visuals are very basic but pleasing in this game. Simple colours and textures make for a cute looking game. Think games like Link’s awakening remake and untitled goose game, this game has a very similar art style. It might sound boring but it’s the perfect art style for this type of game. Also the sound design is amazing here, there’s a level which is meant to be a spoof on the super Mario brothers theme, and I had the tune stuck in my head for weeks. All the music is great and the sounds are very pleasing.

Replay-ability This game will only take about 4ish hours to finish. However, each level has challenges to complete. You’d think this would be as simple as finish the level in under a minute, but most of the challenges completely change the level! This makes for some great replay-ability, and if I had the time and not 1000 other games to play, I would certainly 100% this game.

Overall Opinion Please do yourself a favour and just play this game already! Even if you don’t like games, or playing video games on the iPhone, this is a game that certainly shouldn’t be missed. The puzzles aren’t that challenging but so fun and rewarding to solve. The levels are intriguing and you’ll just be so excited to explore the next lot. I challenge anyone to finish this game without smiling once, because I believe it’ll be genuinely impossible. WHAT THE GOLF? Is definitely one of my best games of 2019.

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